The Prince LSR-3060-3 log splitter valve features an extremely fast “Rapid Extend” high speed mode. The LSR has been specifically designed to reduce system costs by allowing a single stage pump to be used in systems currently using two stage (hi-low) pumps. When extra splitting force is required, the LSR allows the user to manually shift form high speed mode to high force mode. A “soft stop” differentiates between high force and high speed modes. Laboratory testing has not shown a significant difference in working cycle times between single stage/rapid extend systems and two stage systems. Working cycle is the average time between extending the cylinder to split the first log and extending to split the next log after the split wood has been removed and a new log has been placed on the log splitter. AMERICAN FLAG   MADE IN THE U.S.A.  AMERICAN FLAG Download a PDF of the Specifications Sheet (833.94 KB)