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Phillips & Temro creates innovative solutions for Heating, Cooling, Silencing, Emissions, and Hybrid/Electric Vehicles. 

Phillips & Temro Industries Silencer Division is a comprehensive manufacturer of industrial silencers for a multitude of applications suitable for diesel, gas, and gaseous engines.  Phillips & Temro covers a size range of engine silencing from as small as 20 horsepower up to 10,000 horsepower. 

Phillips & Temro offers a full range of standardized silencers and accessories as well as custom engineered sound attenuation solutions to meet each customer’s requirements.  Phillips & Temro is able to design and manufacture exhaust systems to a high level of performance through computer system modeling, analysis and testing. 

The Silencer Division offers two distinct brands of products:  EM Products® and Cowl®.  Each brand is unique and each offers specific features and benefits to meet your exhaust system needs

Phillips and Temro Industries has designed and manufactured innovative heating products for OEM and Aftermarket clients that represent a diverse group of markets including; Heavy Duty Truck, Construction, Agriculture, Automotive, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Light-Duty Truck, Marine and Power Generation. Primary products for these markets have evolved to include; immersion heaters, circulation heaters, air intake heaters, harnesses, Cab Power Products, battery and PTC heating technology and a host of other custom heaters and accessories.


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