Dynex D05 hydraulic solenoid directional control valves provide a combination of high performance, efficiency and reliable operation. These NFPA (CETOP) pattern subplate mounted valves operate at pressures to 5000 psi (350 bar). The valves provide low pressure drop, with large internal flow passages with uniform flow areas. High-force springs and solenoids, and tank return hydraulic boost passageways ensure reliable shifting. A four-land design provides smooth, balanced spool movement. D05 valves operate efficiently, with large internal flow passages and uniform flow areas throughout the body coring. Nominal flow is 20 gpm. Low pressure drop is enhanced with the use of the Dynex standard subplate, which takes advantage of the valve’s special double tank port design. Solenoid models are quiet and moisture resistant for long life. Wet armature design eliminates dynamic seals and increases the available shifting forces. Static o-rings prevent external leakage. These D05 valves interchange with Vickers Eaton, Parker, Nachi, Bosch Rexroth and others. Download a PDF of the Specifications Sheet (380.25 KB)